Portland Vegans of Color Potluck

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Vegans of Color Cookzine in the Works!

Here’s to all the kids of color who were teased for bringing “weird” lunches in elementary school, and found 20 years later that white people now think it’s hip. 

     Portland Vegans of Color is working on a cookzine to push back against the lack of authentic diversity to complete appropriation of non-white cultures by white authors in vegan cookbooks.

     Recognizing that many people of color come from mixed ethnicities, backgrounds, and/or have experienced varying degrees of assimilation, we ask that the recipes be significant to you and/or your family and reflect the comfort, celebration, or everyday food from your personal heritage. Let’s remind the white-dominated vegan community that we are here, and that we will make and share our traditional food ourselves.

Please contact pdxvoc@gmail.com with any questions, suggestions, or submissions.

Details below the cut.

NEW Deadline: July 15th, 2015

  • Please double check grammar, spelling, etc. as recipes will be published as is and anything not conforming to standard rules of grammar will be assumed to have been written like that on purpose. Please submit recipes within the body of an email or in document that is able to be edited. No PDFs or handwritten scans.
  • Please test measurements and instructions before submitting.
  • Please submit in US Customary Units measurements (because colonization sucks but it’s what most of us have grown up with).
  • Photos are encouraged for a possible online version (the printed cookzine will most likely not contain pictures).
  • Stories and/or bios are also encouraged, although they may be edited for space.
  • When working with ingredients that are not readily available in all areas, we ask that you include potential substitutions and/or resources for ordering online (whenever possible).
  • Submissions, accepted or not, will not be financially reimbursed. Recipes may be rejected due to space constraints.

Second Call-Out, April 29th, 2015.

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